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With the aim of becoming the global agency within the world of football, Promoesport has a clear commitment to having a physical presence in all the countries in which this sport is important. “Where football is” is Promoesport International’s slogan and is a clear declaration of its intention to be found in any part of the planet in which a ball is kicked. This is done not only thanks to collaborators, but also with a team of our own distributed throughout the world.


José Rodríguez Baster 'Rodri' Founder and Football Director
Paul Buscail CEO
Unai Vergara Football Agent
Berta Pujadas CFO
Sandro Gutiérrez Technical Secretary of Football
Roger Nazzaro Technical Secretary of Football
Raúl Moreno Account Manager | International
Alexandra Chimeno Office Manager | International


España was born in 2002 with the headquarters located in Barcelona. The great success has led to growth year after year in both players represented and in volume of operations. Promoesport has control of the entire Spanish territory with delegations and agents located at strategic points. From 2011 to 2014 it was the period of expansion in which the openings materialized in Andalusia, North, Canary Islands, Valencia and Madrid. This exhaustive control of Spanish football is one of the keys to being a reference throughout Europe. The more than 150 professional footballers who have placed their trust in us to guide their sports career support us as the leading agency in Spain.


Jorge Capilla Football Agent | Barcelona
Christian Wein International Football Agent | Barcelona
Marc Torrejón International Football Agent | Barcelona
Jose Fernández Youth Football Agent | Barcelona
Pepa Llastarri Youth Football Agent | Barcelona
David García Football Agent | Andalucía
David Rivas Football Agent | Andalucía
Alejandro Campano Football Agent | Andalucía
Washington Tais Football Agent | Andalucía
Álvaro Vizcaíno Football Agent | Andalucía
Chesco Garramiola Football Agent | Andalucía
Omar Feddal Football Agent | Andalucía
Javier Cordón Football Agent | Levante
Rafa Barber Football Agent | Levante
Xavi Castro Youth Football Agent | Levante
Carlos Peraza Football Agent | Madrid
Agoney Peraza Football Agent | Madrid
Sergio Piña Youth Football Agent | Madrid
Emilio Viqueira Football Agent | Norte
José Luis Deus Football Agent | Norte
José Carlos Rodríguez Football Agent | Canarias
José Antonio Álamo Football Agent | Canarias
Oswaldo Sánchez Football Agent | Canarias
Loli Carrasco Assistant Chief Financial Officer and Analyst | Barcelona
Eva Benavente Senior Accountant and Analyst | Barcelona
Olga García Office Manager Spain | Barcelona
Sara Hernando Accounting Assistant | Barcelona
Isabel Gutiérrez Administrative | Andalucía


Promoesport UK is a football agency with a head office in the United Kingdom. With a multidisciplinary team of 5 agents working in the area, it particularly covers two of the English cities with the greatest number of leading teams: Manchester and London. Working for the English Premier League as well as the other leagues and grassroots football. The country with the league which is considered by many to be the most attractive one in the world is a highly attractive market for local footballers as well as for many players performing in other foreign leagues.


Vlad Djukic Football Agent | UK
Michael Domínguez Football Agent | UK


In the recent years Portugal has become one of the most profilic areas in terms of football players development. Promoesport Portugal is composed of a group of agents and professionals with fantastic knowledge and contact network within the Portuguese football market.


André Carriço Football Agent | Portugal
João Gonçalves Football Agent | Portugal


Promoesport Italia is headed by Graziano Battistini, a professional who has been linked to the world of football for more than 25 years: 15 years as a footballer and 10 years as an agent. During his years as a player, he was a member of the following clubs: Udinese, Spal, Alessandria, Hellas Verona, Treviso and Bari. Thanks to his career as an elite sportsperson, as a professional representative he is fully aware of the needs of the footballers as well as everything surrounding the world of football. As an agent, he has carried out operations with the best Italian clubs as well as with other international leagues.


Graziano Battistini Football Agent | Italia
Sebastiano Salaroli Football Agent | Italia
Alberto Mantegazza Talent scout | Italia
Riccardo Battistini Talent scout | Italia
Emanuela Colombo Head of Administration | Italia
Omar Rahman Talent Scout | Italia


Promoesport is making a strategic move expanding to the American continent with Brad Friedel, in charge of Promoesport USA. Friedel was a legendary goalkeeper after playing for the United States National Team from 1992 to 2005, with 82 caps and having played in the 1994, 1998 and 2002 World Cups, as well as the 1992 and 2000 Olympic Games. Friedel also had a impeccable trajectory at club level, defending the shirts of historical teams like Liverpool FC and Tottenham Hotspur. Currently holds the Premier League record for the number of consecutive games played in the league with 320.


Brad Friedel Football Agent | USA


Promoesport Poland works the prolific Polish football market with Jakub Fila, an experienced professional with extensive knowledge within this up-and-coming region. Our Polish representative is extremely knowledgeable about the characteristics of this market and is responsible for working and coordinating all the opportunities that arise in the country which is notable for the large number of young talented players it produces.


Jakub Fila Football Agent | Poland


Promoesport Turkey is led by Cenk Ergün, agent of prestigious footballers with a successful professional career developed in the best clubs in Turkey such as Trabzonspor and Galatasaray SK, where he was Football Director for over a decade. Ergun is a specialist in the Turkish market, which in recent decades has established itself as key within European football.


Cenk Ergün Football Agent | Turkey


Promoesport Belgium is a strategic step towards having a territory where great talents are born. With José Rodríguez at the helm, Promoesport exports its successful model in a country where football is in constant growth. Our professional label always has the same common denominator: accompanying the player in his career and advising in decision-making.


José Rodríguez Football Agent | Belgium