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Pervis Estupiñán joins Common Goal


Pervis Estupiñán, represented by Promoesport, joins Common Goal, a social and environmental impact organization, to allocate 1% of his salary to help young people in vulnerable situations in his home country, Ecuador.

Estupiñán, who has been a key player in Brighton’'s good form and is playing in the World Cup with Ecuador, has also proven to be a footballer committed to social causes. Pervis will join forces with the Ecuadorian soccer-based organization Fundación de las Américas para el Desarrollo (FUDELA).

FUDELA offers comprehensive training and development of technical skills that improve the chances of young people to find work and earn a living, helping vulnerable young people without access to higher education or employment.

"Now is the time to give back to my country everything it has given me," said Estupiñán, who continues to shine both on and off the pitch.