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Promoesport become the first football player representation agency to create a solidarity clause for Unicef programmes.


Promoesport, the leading football player representation agency in Spain, announces a collaboration agreement with UNICEF Spain, the United Nations Children's Fund in Spain. In this way, Promoesport becomes the first agency to create a solidarity clause in all contracts of representation of football players of legal age by which the agency will allocate a percentage of the profit of each operation to UNICEF.

The strategic agreement will allow funds to be allocated to the regular resources of the humanitarian organisation, as well as to the development of the "Safe Schools" project in Mali, which consists of favouring and encouraging educational performance among the country's children through actions that promote access to quality training.

With this agreement, Promoesport reinforces the company's strategic plan to promote education through sport. The agency highlights the background, innovation and trust in Unicef as the key pillars of the agreement and its development. "This is a huge step towards further commitment to social responsibility, especially in terms of education," Paul Buscail, CEO of Promoesport.

Promoesport's position as a global agency and the one that represents the most LaLiga players, as well as the solid commitment to fulfil the long-term vision, are reinforced. "The agreement with Unicef is a fundamental milestone for the agency, and is fully aligned with our strategy of sustainable growth. It reinforces our efforts in innovation and education with value-added projects and educational impact," says José Rodríguez 'Rodri' Baster, Promoesport co-founder and Director of Football.