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Adama Traoré scores extra-time thunderbolt


Adama Traoré had a truly epic night against Fulham, scoring a stunning goal after a breathtaking run to give Wolves a 1-0 win.

The Spain international took advantage of a long pass that looked too far out of position to find the back of the net and score a right-footed rocket in the injury-time.

A few months away from Luis Enrique's final squad for the European Championship, it is clear that he is a player with a unique ability who can offer an attractive alternative to the national team.

There is no other player with his characteristics who can be called up to the senior Spanish national team. His verticalitypowerone-on-one play and ability to assist can be crucial in deciding any match.

Nights like Friday's make Adama a guaranteed asset to face a renowned tournament where he will undoubtedly be able to show the world the talent he has.