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Granada secure first Camp Nou win


Granada CF turned the game around against FC Barcelona (1-2) and won their first match at the Camp Nou after 26 defeats in a row. The Nazarí side came into the game with nine injuries and being the Spanish team with the most games played this season, but after a superb second half, they moved closer to Europe and turned LaLiga upside down.
The game started against all odds for the Andalusians, who saw the home side take an early lead. However, a second-half display of competitiveness and bravery earned them three points they will never forget.
Defender Víctor Díaz played the whole game. Without fear, well-positioned and brave, he balanced the team from the back and stopped some crucial actions. Fede Vico, on the other hand, came on in the last few minutes to help the midfielders. The player was generous when covering and disciplined.
Promoesport players Víctor DíazFede VicoAntonio Puertas and Isma Ruiz wrote another page on the club's history last night, as they made their debut in the Europa League and reached the quarter-finals.
With five games remaining, the win at the Camp Nou puts them just five points away from the Europa League places. This Sunday, they host Cádiz CF at home, where they hope to win to stay alive in the fight.

Let's keep dreaming!