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Promoesport Motor


Promoesport Motor is the project with which Promoesport is working to replicate in the world of the motor the successful model of the 360º representation created for years in the world of football.

We are currently working with both riders and racing teams of the highest categories of Motor, both Motorcycling and Motor Racing. In addition, we are developing R&D projects in the world of sport. The first of these is the Racing Training Point.


It is a Sports High Performance Center located in Barcelona and specialized in giving all kinds of training solutions, prevention and recovery of injuries to motorcycle riders and cars.

At the centre we work with state-of-the-art technology in the world of sport, which allows us to measure efforts and other key values important for the performance of athletes, in addition to being able to train with simulators and emulators that allow to bring to the maximum the experience of the pilot with the reality of the competition.