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Promoesport launches a solidarity campaign with SOS Galgos Association


Promoesport celebrated the holidays in a special way. We decided to start a collaboration with the association SOS Galgos, an organisation located in Barcelona focused on defending the rights of this dog breed as the main reason. SOS Galgos has found new homes for almost 2,000 sighthounds thanks to its rescue, recovery and adoption work.

Promoesport led a digital campaign with Carlos Soler, Valencia CF footballer, journalist Jaime Cantizano and presenter Arturo Valls, among other important Spanish personalities. This initiative aimed to raise funds through the Teaming platform, which allowed people to donate €1 a month to this project.

Every year in Spain, tens of thousands of sighthounds are hanged, thrown into holes and ditches when they have "ceased to be useful".

In Spain, more than 50,000 sighthounds are abandoned every year, due to the fact that their extraordinary physical qualities have been used for hunting and dog racing and, at the same time, once they have stopped being useful, they have been abandoned, mutilated or slaughtered.

Feeding a sighthound or giving them a decent roof costs €35/month and €120/month, respectively. Promoesport donated a total of €2,000 to SOS Galgos.